BIRTHMARKS LEGACY ︎︎︎  Style Frames

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard  
Execution: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop


Think of a person that had an impact on you and create a visual narrative that captures the essence of their unique persona. Showcase your ability to represent a figure in a highly conceptual representation. 


Asap Yam, who was responsible for the collective ASAP MOB was a creative whose influence swept the new generation of hip-hop culture by storm. While his life didn't continue to see the shine of light that he deserved. His birthmark left a legacy behind on the map and still continues to shine. 

Framing Device:

The IV bag is filled with a purple substance (Cough Syrup) that he abused. The liquid is symbolic of all of the support he continues to receive. Showing that his legacy is constantly being fueled as it continues to glow (shine) and leaving behind his birthmark that left a mark. Referring to the Asap Rocky quote, “You don't see the birthmark anymore, but his in me."


Mood & Tone Reference:

For the moodboard and tone reference, I wanted to show the importance of the legacy that ASAP Yams has left behind. Referring to the fact that it continues to glow and shine. It felt appropriate to reference neon light in a dark room, and it also shows emphasis on the subject matter.

Environment & Lighting Reference:

Upon thinking of how to branch off the concept even further. Following the idea of ASAP Yams birthmark continuing to shine his influence and legacy. A confiened building that sheds light onto his birthmark from the outside world was referenced to show that people are still admired by his work.


Looking into the details of how to texturize the labels on the IV bag. To how neon light may look inside of the IV bag. These details were key elements to better visualizing the final execution.


Modeling and compositing was done on C4D. It was then taken into After Effects for color correction and adjustments to details.