EX MACHINA ︎︎︎ Title Sequence | Motion

Collaborator: Shin Lee and Nadia Shenasi

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard, Animation  
Execution: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop


Follows the journey of how Ava became the perfect Ai and by definition becoming a human. We follow a representation of Ava throughout different environments that contain objects from the movie that were the stepping stones on her path to becoming a perfect Ai. In the end she finally escapes and joins a human society.

Framing Device:

The idea that great power can rise up organically from uplanned chaos. The idea that machines can learn to improve themselves exponentially. To grow quickly beyond anything that the human mind can control. Following through an environment made of gears that are a reference to the robots. Followed by a corridor with glass surroundings of caged robots to showcase the subjection they faced. Gradually revealing a tree that symbolizes life and freedom.



Mood Reference:

Instead of taking the approaching of gathering things that were more in the realm of what is to be expected in the film.  We took a different approach by focusing more on the storyline but having a completely different design choice from the film.

Lighting Reference:

Relying on ligthing and atmoshperic knowledge in Arnold renderer to push a stylized look with hi-constrast and showcase the message of the film.  


After having a clear understanding of the moodboard and lighting reference. An initial storyboard sequence was sketched to guide us into the wireframe production stage.  

The earlier stages of wireframes where references from the initial storyboard sketches and references from the moodboard were referred to. 

Upon so an animatic was animated to get a better visual and understanding of the camera movement along with the secondary animation. It was then taken into After Effects for color correction and adjustments to details to bring the frames to life.