MINIMAL BEAUTY ︎︎︎  Motion 

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard  
Execution: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop


A short story that reflects the beauty of simplicity through the exploration of its shape and scale. Follows the movements of simple architectural shapes guided by change of scales, position and light to show its transitions from static to dynamic.


Idea about the process of being born, exploring, understanding and finding. A journey through 7 architectural spaces shaped by light, which guides the sphere in its transition from static to dynamic, rational to spiritual, finite to infinite. Wanting to leave the audience left questioning the idea of less is more.


Mood Reference:

Heavily influenced by brutalism architectural style. Their simple yet unique designs show that even clean simplistic geometric shapes can be astonishingly beautiful. When viewed from different angles/ perspectives help us engage in a new viewing experience.

Lighting Reference:

Referencing about light, upon further exploration learning about its behaviors and its capacity to create space and time.


More reference studies were done to help create a dynamic composition. 


Initial sketches were done referencing the moodboard to better visualize before moving onto the wireframing stages. 

Modeling and compositing was done on C4D. It was then taken into After Effects for color correction and adjustments to details.