THE SHAPE OF WATER ︎︎︎ Title Sequence | Style Frames

Role: Concept Development, Design, Composition, Storyboard  
Execution: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop


Elisa falls in love with an amphibian creature because she has never felt this level of acceptance. Therefore wants to help free the captive creature back into his natural habitat (bigger body of water).

Framing Device:

Through the use of metaphors and symbolism, the chaotic process of escape is visually shown through the mixture of the two inks. Red ink symbolizes Eliza and blue represent the creature.


Mood Reference:

The flow of ink gives off a sense of chaos and elegancy. Which makes a connection to the adventure of Elisa and the amphibian creature expierence which lead them to their love. 

Lighting Reference:

To express the sense of elegance, lava lamps were referenced as its well light and gives clear emphasis to the object inside. To capture ink traveling freely in water at the right moment, bottom lit lighting was experimented.

Typography Reference:

To incorporate the typography naturally to the compostion. Forms of ink or smoke emerging with the scene was referenced. As everything had to work together to look organic.  


Photographs were taken in RAW format. Upon mulitiple hundreds of photos the best shots were then taken into Lightroom for color correction. Then later taken into photoshop to composite and make final adjustments.